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Roof Cleaning
Residential and Commercial Roof Cleaning

Roof Stain Removal and Cleaning

Are those ugly streaks on your roof dragging your home value down and damaging the roof itself? You betcha!

Those unsightly streaks are actually algae that has attached itself to your shingles and is feeding on the limestone filler and moisture on your roof. Not only are these stains unsightly but can lessen the life of your shingles. This can easily be removed by Clean Up Atlanta with our low pressure (less than a garden hose pressure) cleaning methods. A new roof these days costs $5,000 - $10,000 why not have the problem taken care of for a fraction of the cost?

Will any damage be done to my property using your methods?

ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) and GAF – America’s largest shingle maker recommend no pressure, chemical cleaning methods. All plants, shrubs, and other landscaping is thoroughly watered to prevent any damage to your property. In most cases we do not even have to get on your roof as we try to clean from the edges.

Pricing is typically $300-$500 dollars for a roof cleaning job, just a fraction of a new roof. This small investment can also help you sell your home quickly in this tight market. In fact a realtor that we have worked with said she had never had one request to replace a roof that was cleaned prior to the listing.