Clean Up Atlanta / Sun Brite Services
478 Northdale Road Ste. 402
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Why Choose US

  • Licensed and Insured
  • Professional Equipment
  • Professional Staff
  • Reliable Service
  • References
  • Started in 1992


High Quality Soaps
Low Pressure Cleaning
Rinse Aid for Clean Windows
Insured for your Protection
Clean Up Atlanta equals a Superior Clean!

When choosing a pressure washing company to clean your biggest investment keep a few questions in mind.

Are they fully licensed and insured with both Workman's Compensation and General Liability?

Clean Up Atlanta, Inc. is fully licensed with both.

Does this company have experience?

Clean Up Atlanta has hundreds of satisfied clients in many exclusive neighborhoods such as St. Ives, St. Marlo, Thornhill, and Sugarloaf Country Club

Will high pressure damage my house?

Yes, that is why we are leaders in LOW PRESSURE cleaning of houses. We allow top quality soaps to do their job and rinse with Very low pressure - minimizing any potential for damage.

Can the company clean efficiently?

Clean Up Atlanta utilizes high capacity machines and special high stream chemical injectors for quick efficient cleaning.

What is included in a house wash?

Low pressure cleaning and rinsing of the house exterior, including front porch, gutters typically come much cleaner with the basic house wash, but can be optimally clean with hand scrubbing for an additional fee. Clean Up Atlanta uses specialty soaps and rinsing agents to leave windows streak free.