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Welcome to Clean Up Atlanta, Inc.
Pressure Washing Can Effectively Clean:

Your old wood deck, fence, dock and porch can look new again with Clean Up Atlanta's professional restoration and preservation techniques. Our certified wood care services can restore the original, natural beauty to your wood and protect it for years to come.

Do not allow an inexperienced pressure washer to clean your wood with high pressure that can permanently damage your wood. Clean Up Atlanta, uses very low pressure and specialty cleaning and sealing agents to do the job right and restore the natural beauty of wood.

    Why we only use READY SEAL products:
  • Most wood sealers are “multi-purpose” Wood, Brick, Concrete are all different and need to be cleaned and sealed differently. Ready Seal is designed to seal wood only.
  • Ready Seal replenishes the oils that have been lost due to exposure to weathering elements
  • Ready Seal is made with uniquely blended resins, oils and pigments to insure years of satisfaction and protection.
  • Ready Seal is environmentally safe and has NO ozone depleting chemicals.